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A user friendly website to seek for job vacancy. Fast respond and very helpful. Better than sending cv directly and eco friendly.

Faiz Rahman

Helpful with interview process via online especially in these difficult times. Brurecruit team really tried their best to assist with application as well as providing clarifications for my position and responsibilities for the hiring company.

Azriman Ali
Digital Marketer

Thank you Brurecruit for assisting me to get the job throughout the process.

Logistics Assistant

Brurecruit allowed me to consult with their team and helped me in landing my first job. Overall good customer service and would recommend this platform to my friends who are still seeking to develop their career.

Emilia Mahari
HR Admin Support

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In light of recent events, we would like to announce that the Brurecruit team has started working from home, providing support and continuously improving user experience in navigating through our platform.

It is without a doubt that there will be numerous uncertainties during these to

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We Asked the Experts: What Are Your Top Tips for Graduate Job Seekers?

If you're a graduate trying to discover useful advice that will improve your chances with job applications, it can be a minefield to find the best tips. So we thought we'd help you out by asking experts in graduate recruitment what they would recommend you should do to get ahead.

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3 Little Things That Can Land You That Job

As much as you want to portray yourself to give the best first impression to your employers, it is often the little things that can throw you off from landing your desired job. We spoke with our interviewers and have revealed a few little yet important things that has a huge impact in impressing the

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